Career Counseling

Career Counseling


Choosing a career is one of the pivotal decisions that students make in their journey of life. EIS understands the value of good career guidance to make informed career choices for future. As such, EIS has partnered with Univariety which is India's leading Career Counselling and Guidance Platform for students.

Univariety as a platform provides one on one counselling session with the students providing them guidance from counsellors, digital tools, university admission offices and school alumnus. At an age where teenagers have not gained much exposure to occupational information, choosing a career might be tricky. While some students know exactly what they want to do, most are either clueless or confused. Univariety assists students to reflect on their aspirations, interests, competencies, personal attributes, qualifications and abilities so that they can make the most of employment opportunities. EIS's constant strive for improvement and excellence is rightly propelled by its Education Partner Univariety that takes into account student's best interest.

Univariety makes information about educational opportunities more accessible by organizing it, systematizing it and making it available for students who need it. Our collaboration with Univariety helps students receive expert's support in understanding their own aptitudes through counselling sessions over Skype. University Guidance Conferences are also held by Univariety for students and parents by exposing them to leadership opportunities and proper guidance related to career options and university admissions.

To decide a stream and subject combination for higher studies, proper guidance aids students in gaining knowledge regarding career opportunities and the skills that are required for respective fields of career. Through our Educational Partnership, EIS aims to help students raise their aspirations, make them aim higher without limiting their career options, while providing them all the relevant career choices available for them.