Why Elpro

Why Elpro

International School?

Elpro International School (EIS) inspires the love for knowledge in students, and encourages a critical thinking and problem-solving approach towards all subjects, concepts and ideas. EIS graduates complete their education, not only with academic expertise, but also with physical and social leadership capabilities, thus becoming well-rounded individuals. With a newer identity and renewed vigor, EIS is here to revolutionize new-age education and learning by expanding student's educational opportunities. With a world-class education of international standards, we aim to encourage local talents with a global approach.

Education is Evolving

Education is evolving, and we are upgrading at the same pace. At EIS, learning is assessed in student's growth and not in grades. We believe in offering the best by constantly pushing the boundaries. Through our well-grounded faculty, world-class academics and curricula/certifications, state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, and dedicated support staff, we aim to design an ecosystem to empower students in being future-ready. As a reputable school, it offers CBSE and Cambridge Assessment International Education curricula, and imparts quality education to students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade XII.

Our campus is breathtaking.