Elpro International School Events


The journey of our tiny tots is laced by many fantastic events all- round the year that blend learning and fun effortlessly.

The Excelerate Programme Plus

In today’s highly competitive global world, communicating effectively is the key to growth and success. The Excelerate Programme prepares children from the very beginning to express themselves eloquently.

Student Led Conference

First Steps hosts Student-Led Conference to promote students’ sense of responsibility and accountability for their own learning, and to help them achieve their learning targets.

Annual Concert

the Annual Concert is a marvellous spectacle, where the tots take to the stage and shake their legs to the rendition of pleasant tunes while enjoying themselves.

Sports Day

Sports day is a fun and practical way of introducing children to the world of games and sports during an early age.

EFS Football League

With a drive to promote and encourage football at the grassroots and develop an interest for the game among the tots, EFS Football League is a safe space to learn high quality football skills under expert guidance.