Our Highlights


The luminesce room is the epitome of learning through play. Children explore varied materials and different developmental goals are achieved.

Cognitive development takes place, children use the manipulatives and teaching aids and are able to build on stories.

There is better eye hand coordination thus building on the physical domain. Pincer and palmer grip enhance.

Mathematical concepts are developed, children learn sequencing; shapes; colours etc. Children learn new words and vocabulary thus developing the linguistic skills. Sensory development by way of touch and feel takes place.


Cubetto is the friendly robot that helps children understand “off screen coding” Children are learning directions which in turn helps in the mathematical development. They learn rote counting and skip counting.

The linguistic development is enhanced as the children are exposed to new vocabulary. Children develop social skills. Small group learning takes place. They build on stories thus enhancing their imagination and creativity too. Self-confidence of the child is built.