Ideas worth spreading at TEDx Elpro International School- A phenomenal maiden experience

Opening a gateway to innovative learning, Elpro International School, Pune, (EIS) hosted the most awaited first edition of a TEDx conference. On the 6th of February, 2021, EIS set the stage of TEDx to lend it to a diverse range of speakers from different walks of life staying true to the fundamental spirit of TEDx which is Ideas worth spreading.

Keeping in tune with the theme of TEDxElproIntlSchool, the topics for the day revolved around “Disruptive Ideation and 21st Century Learning”. The event sparked deep conversations and discussions on a wide array of topics ranging from Representation, Public Speaking, Honesty and Leadership to very offbeat topics like the concepts of Cyber Knob, Gamification, Overview Effect, Dawn of the Witches etc.

The conference began with the formal lamp lighting ceremony by the head of the institution, Dr Amrita Vohra along with academic leadership followed by a beautiful classical dance performance by the talented students of Elpro International School. The inaugural ceremony also witnessed the keynote address by the Director Principal of Elpro International School, Dr Amrita Vohra who while addressing the gathering of educationists, parents, students and industry experts said, “When I think of TED in a school, I feel this is just the right space and place for TED to be in. Because TED nurtures ideas; and I have young minds, all ready to absorb the ideas and give it a tweak of fresh perspective.” She added, “This is one dream that has been with me for a long time and seeing it translate into action, gives me immense pleasure. TED is all about baring your soul, sharing your personal experiences and making sure that they are out there for others to look at with a fresh perspective, while they make use of those ideas. After all, TED is all about ideas that are motivational, inspirational and enriching. And ideas trigger actions, which later on transform into what we see around us.”

Ms Sugandha Khandelwal, the Convener of TEDXElproIntlSxhool and the Head of Communications and Events at EIS shared her thoughts on the theme. “Disruptive ideation is the process of coming up with ideas that ensure changes at fundamental levels. In a way, they change overall processes of doing things be it in irrigation, online delivery, education, or for that matter any other field. As the world has gone about looking for incremental changes and improvements over the past few generations, with rapid and heavily destructive issues like Covid19 afflicting the world, Elpro International School believes that now is the time for transformation changes or disruptive changes. The world in many ways is not going to be the same again and if we are to push the reset button, now is the time to do so”, she added.

The phenomenal platform of TEDxElproIntlSchool witnessed a total of 16 speakers, who were not only creative and active thinkers, but were inspiring in generating and sharing ideas worth spreading in various fields. It was a perfect mix of industry speakers; professionals in their respective areas, who chose to share their journeys and experiences; and the very young, dynamic and enterprising students of EIS with impressive and thought-provoking ideas that could leave a lasting impression on an adult mind.

Mr Mishra, parent of Pratyush Mishra, aone of the student speaker at TEDxElproIntlSchool says, “Firstly, my deepest appreciation to the school team for bringing this platform for its students. I experienced that it was a mega success in the first edition itself as it was very well received by students and parents. Commendable effort put in by teachers and staff, heartiest congratulations! I think overs the years this platform will throw up numerous great public speakers and agents of change.”

Mr Aditya Shamsher Malla, Parent at EIS congratulated the school, “The first TEDx by Elpro International School marked a momentous occasion in the journey to being the finest education institution in its geography. Blending unique learning experiences in the development journey of a student reflects upon the School's pioneering vision and quest for ensuring it's students represent our society and culture in the finest traditions of our Country's historic past. No better way to showcase to the community and the world at large, the indomitable spirit, talent, thoughts and ideas of our students and thought leaders than to provide for such a platform in these trying times and in the face of adversity. Huge respect for the Organising team, the staff, management and the Principal for this initiative.

The full day conference also saw some amazing line up of performances where a student of EIS Manan Bhatia made a presentation on mid brain activation where he could read words, colors blindfolded. He left the audience in awe as he correctly read the unique number on a currency note given randomly to him by the audience members. Miss Suhani Khandelwal a student of Class 7 played the violin on a Raj Kapoor melody leaving the audience enthralled with her wonderful notes while Adi Surlaker redefined music with his guitar performance. An endearing dance performance by Tanisha Vaidya and Tanishka Dongre entertained the audiences and all the performances added a lot of value to this full day conference.

In organizing TEDx, EIS intends to nurture creativity, vision and innovation within the young minds to help them evolve into responsible global citizens of the 21st century. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxElproIntlSchool was a successful attempt at bringing like-minded individuals to connect, share and exchange valuable ideas. The first edition of TEDxElproIntlSchool is only the beginning of what is going to be a journey full of exciting, soul-stirring conversations.