Flagship Events

EIS Model United Nations Conference

  • Model United Nations (MUN) conference, as an educational simulation, is an academic activity that fosters awareness in students
  • MUN conference activates students’ imagination and creativity as they find best possible solutions for global issues in committees
  • It is an opportunity to practice critical skills of research, writing, negotiation and diplomacy
  • It teaches students the importance of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation in a safe and structured environment
  • It exposes students to the important issues of the larger world while expanding their knowledge system
  • Students get the chance to play the roles of delegates from different countries; and hence, enhance their leadership skills as well as public speaking skills
  • It helps students be college ready and prepare for success in professional life

Model United Nations (MUN) conference serves as an educational simulation that engages students in a dynamic academic activity, cultivating awareness and critical skills. This conference at Elpro International School aims to spark students' imagination and creativity, challenging them to devise optimal solutions for global issues within committee settings.

Participating in an MUN conference is not just an academic exercise; it is an invaluable opportunity for students to hone essential skills such as research, writing, negotiation, and diplomacy. Moreover, it instills in them the significance of teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation within a secure and organized environment.

Through MUN conferences, students are exposed to pressing global issues, expanding their knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom. As they assume the roles of delegates representing different countries, students not only enhance their leadership abilities but also refine their public speaking skills.

Beyond academic benefits, engaging in MUN conferences equips students with the readiness for college and prepares them for success in their professional lives. Overall, the MUN experience at Elpro International School is a multifaceted learning journey that nurtures a range of skills essential for personal and academic growth.


  • The platform of TEDx allows students to discover and explore innovative ideas
  • It is an opportunity for students to learn, reflect and get exposed to unconventional and innovative concepts
  • The bite-sized content of TEDx allows learners to consume intellectually stimulating information, while boosting their ability of knowledge retention
  • TEDx as a platform facilitates connection, communication and collaboration
  • It connects a community of learners to actively participate together for a cause
  • It is a great platform to improve the art of articulation and eloquence, while developing leadership skills

The TEDx platform serves as a gateway for students to uncover and delve into groundbreaking ideas. It provides a unique opportunity for students to not only learn but also reflect upon and immerse themselves in unconventional and innovative concepts.

The concise and impactful content presented on TEDx enables learners to absorb intellectually stimulating information, enhancing their capacity for knowledge retention. TEDx, functioning as a platform, fosters connections, communication, and collaboration among its participants.

This platform acts as a unifying force, bringing together a community of learners to actively engage in shared pursuits and causes. Moreover, TEDx serves as an excellent stage for refining the art of articulation and eloquence, concurrently fostering the development of leadership skills among participants.

Pangea- The Global Village

  • Pangea, in association with Wapping High School, London was a collaborative event, that saw the presence of 7 schools from across Asia, Europe and South America
  • Pangea allowed students to experience the feeling of interconnectedness in a technologically-driven global world
  • It taught the importance of collaborative learning and teamwork for discussing concepts or finding resolutions to common problems
  • It exposed students to learners from different communities, which, thereby, led to the increase in understanding of diverse perspectives
  • It was a great opportunity to develop confidence, communication skills and learn to convey ideas by enhancing presentation skills
  • Pangea allowed students to look beyond the façade of nationality and allowed them to empathize with fellow learners on a humane level
  • Pangea, as a collaborative event, encouraged active participation, boosted students’ sense of responsibility and prepared them for real life social situations

Pangea, in partnership with Wapping High School, London, brought together seven schools spanning Asia, Europe, and South America. This collaborative event aimed to immerse the students of Elpro International School in the experience of interconnectedness within our technologically-driven global society. Pangea emphasized the significance of collaborative learning and teamwork, fostering discussions and problem-solving among students. The event facilitated interactions with learners from diverse communities, promoting an increased understanding of varied perspectives.

Beyond academics, Pangea provided a platform for students to enhance confidence, communication skills, and presentation abilities. By transcending national boundaries, Pangea encouraged empathy among students, fostering connections on a human level.

This collaborative initiative actively engaged participants, instilling a sense of responsibility and preparing them for real-life social situations. Pangea, as an enriching event, not only expanded students' global awareness but also equipped them with essential skills for the interconnected world we live in.

World Scholar’s Cup

  • World Scholar’s Cup unifies international community of future scholars and leaders on a global platform
  • It emphasizes on a global theme, thus creating awareness on issues of global importance
  • It exposes students to different concepts related to Literature, Science, History, Social Studies and Art and Music
  • It encourages students to participate in interdisciplinary and team-oriented form of learning
  • It inspires a global community of learners to be inclusive, while discovering new strengths and practicing new skills
  • It inspires a love for learning and promotes academic excellence in students


  • Mélange is an inter-school youth festival of EIS that brings a medley of experiences and activities for students
  • It is an effective way of bringing the youth together on the same platform
  • As an interschool youth festival, Mélange encourages student participation and develops a healthy competitive spirit
  • It adds value to students’ learning experience
  • It boosts social interaction, exchange of ideas, networking, creativity and collaboration
  • It is a great opportunity for students to explore their creativity and reach their highest potential
  • Students get to engage in a plethora of co-curricular activities, while learning time-management, multi-tasking, importance of planning and execution

Investiture Ceremony

  • Investiture Ceremony teaches important life lessons to students and helps them act responsibly for the school
  • It instills a sense of pride in students, while nurturing a sense of community and belongingness to the school
  • It encourages students to contribute to school spirit and community welfare by taking initiatives in school activities and service projects
  • As students become the proud members of the Students Council, they develop a sense of leadership abilities
  • Students grow as disciplined, responsible and civil citizens of the global world
  • It celebrates the indomitable spirit of young leaders and encourages them to become the able-leaders of tomorrow


  • The annual felicitation ceremony of EIS celebrates the academic excellence of the school by rewarding students
  • It encourages students to improve their performance while acknowledging their talent and potential
  • It boosts confidence in students and motivates them to succeed in future prospects
  • It enables students to take pride in their accomplishments as it marks an important milestone in their academic journey
  • It sets a good example for aspiring students and juniors, who hold their seniors in high regard

Elpro Sports Fest

  • Elpro Sports Fest, in association with the Sports Gurukul, was a 2-week long celebration of sports and games
  • It is a great opportunity for the four houses of EIS, namely, Jal, Vayu, Agni and Prithvi, to display their athletic talent
  • The Sports Fest provide students a healthy outlet for energy
  • It involves a wide array of indoor and outdoor sports and games like cricket, basketball, football, volleyball, long jump, tennis, throwball, table tennis, carrom and chess
  • It helps develop a healthy competitive spirit, while instilling discipline and a sense of fair game in students
  • It allows students to enhance motor skills along with coordination, movement, strength, dexterity, grace and speed
  • It promotes camaraderie and rapport among students, instructors, coaches, parents and administration
  • The presence of remarkable sports personalities like Kapil Dev, Balwinder Singh Sandhu, Prashant More and the likes instill a sense of inspiration among students

EFS Football League

  • EFS, in association with Aspire India, inspires a love for football in students during their early years
  • It aims to promote football at the grassroots to develop interest for the game among the tots
  • Students are introduced to the game of football in a safe, friendly and pressure-free environment
  • It helps young players improve their hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, strength, speed and overall cardiovascular endurance
  • It teaches them the importance of discipline and teamwork to reach a common goal
  • It develops friendship, boosts positive self-esteem and confidence
  • It allows students to bring keen attention to details, thus, building their concentration level


  • The Quest is an ideal platform to engage in case studies, debates and discussions
  • It allows students to explore the infinite possibilities of ideating, research and presentation
  • The panel discussions are an integral part of the Quest, which provide deep insights into the given topics from varied perspectives
  • It expands the knowledge of students, while creating awareness on diverse topics
  • The Quest introduces students to innovative concepts that enrich students’ academic learning
  • It provides students the opportunity to pitch their potential ideas to industry experts, which are then manifested into reality

Fiesta Fantasia

  • Fiesta Fantasia is the Annual School carnival of the school
  • Aimed at bringing the three key Stakeholders-Parents/ Students and Teachers together for creating positive synergy
  • Students harness the skills of planning, management, execution and administration
  • It is a fundraiser event, proceedings of which are either used for charity or student welfare