In pursuit of the global experience, Elpro International School, Pune (EIS) is leading the way in weaving commendable opportunities for their students. EIS, in association with its partner school in London, Wapping High School and SkillSphere Education designed a unique platform that defines the 21st century global education.


The two-day exclusive online conference ‘Pangea- The Global Village’ came to fruition on the 29th and 30th of January, 2021. With 7 different schools participating from across Asia, Europe and South America, Pangea was a celebration of diversity and unity. Inspired by the concept of a single unified supercontinent, Pangea was conceived with the underlying theme of ‘Compassion and Collaboration’.


The Curtain Raiser for Pangea was graced by the presence of Lord David Evans, who is a Member of the Parliament at the House of Lords, UK, as well as a British publisher, entrepreneur and an advisor to EIS. He appreciated the concept of Pangea; and called it “an excellent name for a global village”. He also added, “an international outlook is vital and it is our duty as educators to enable our children and students to have broader view of the world.”


The inaugural ceremony of Pangea included a Panel Discussion and Ask Me Anything session with the dignitaries of participating schools. The ceremony was further magnified by the presence of Lord David and Angela Ffrench. As the Chief Guest of the ceremony, the Former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State of Justice, UK and the Chief Executive of the Institute for Collaborative Writing, Ms. Claire Ward delivered her keynote address emphasizing on the importance of collaboration. She said, “We gain so much from working together in our community from our common endeavors than we do alone. Society is an important structure to create fairness and opportunity for all”. “Education”, she added, “is the key to opportunities for individuals; but it is also the key for improving our communities.”


Pangea presented the students from 7 different nationalities an immersive experience through a wide range of interesting events like El Autor (Collaborative Story Writing), Global Jigyasa (World Quiz), Synthesis (Group Discussion), El Canto (Collaborative Singing) and Kalakaari (Art Exhibit). Curated with the aim to allow students to engage in ideation, cultural exchange, diverse experiences, team work and global awareness, Pangea was an amalgamation of world cultures. The Panel Discussion, Synthesis was based on the topic “What You Can Learn from Us”. The events added value to students’ learning experience with international dimensions of contemporary education.


On the occasion of the Valedictory Ceremony, Baroness Patricia Scotland, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, shared a beautiful message praising the commitment of EIS to encouraging global citizenship. She said, “We look to the future with great hope, and with big plans for making our world a better place in which we all live together in health, peace and prosperity. That seems to me also to be the purpose and idea which motivates Pangea. It is encouraging to know that you are alongside us in this through your involvement with Pangea Global Village.” Mr. Mike Rann, South Australia’s 44th Premier and Former Minister for Economic Development honoured the occasion as the Chief Guest for the closing ceremony. He shared his passion for politics and his journey as the world’s first Climate Change Minister with the viewers. He noted, “Pangea is about collaboration, how we are interconnected and it’s also about friendship.” He further mentioned, “The real heroes are those who want to make a difference and provide opportunities for others and to embrace the global village, the Pangea concept, that we are celebrating, these are the real heroes.”


Dr. Amrita Vohra, the Director-Principal of EIS, expressed her sense of fulfillment over the way Pangea unfolded as she beautifully put, “There could be physical distance between continents; but our thoughts thread the globe together.” “Such initiatives”, she added, “like Pangea, will help students to be better equipped and better prepared for the unknown tomorrow-the future. The event has left us enriched and kindled some very good life-skills and values in us.”


Head of Communications and International Collaborations and the Convener of Pangea at EIS, Sugandha Khandelwal said, “Pangea was primarily motivated keeping the students’ best interests forward. It was heartwarming to see students of different nationalities come forward and participate, sharing thoughts and their learning with each other. The highlight has to be getting commended by the Secretary General of Commonwealth, Baroness Patricia Scotland. It has given us huge motivation and made our belief for a unified world stronger”


Anansh Prasad, Founder and MD of SkillSphere said, “Pangea - The Global Village is an incredibly powerful idea. I am delighted to see the way it has come to fruition. Witnessing participation from schools belonging to 8 different countries, and numerous luminaries from different walks of life including Mike Rann, Claire Ward and Lord Evans of Watford, Pangea 2021 was a magnum opus. SkillSphere Education looks forward to building an even bigger global village on the foundations of compassion and collaboration.


With Pangea, EIS has taken a leap towards global education with international collaboration, thus making virtual learning relevant for the students of the modern times. Every participating member had certain key takeaways from the virtual conference, which they will be able to implement in their schools, homes and in their personal lives. It was an enlightening and a fruitful learning experience that explored the possibilities of a borderless world.