Christmas is all about merriment, decorations and cheerful carols. At EIS, celebrating Christmas during COVID times was all about getting creative to make everlasting memories together. The students of Grade 5 came together for a virtual Christmas assembly to celebrate the occasion.


The celebration began with students singing peppy Christmas carols. The Christmas celebration was also integrated with some learning experience for the young students. Anya Goel, a student from grade 5-L, took the occasion to share the pious tale of Christmas with the viewers. She beautifully narrated the tale recounting how Jesus was born. Students also recited a Christmas poem reminding everyone of the truth of Christmas day, for it is the gift of love to others that truly resonates with the spirit of Christmas.


Adding an element of fun to the celebration, Miss Sandra D’Souza helped students create beautiful Christmas decoration. A DIY fancy Christmas wreath always help elevate the quotient of fun. Students had a jolly good time creating the wreath using colourful papers, trinkets, glue, ribbon etc.


Sangeeta Mandal also hosted a fun Q/A session where students were asked “What would they do as Santa?” Students came up with beautiful, heart-warming responses that were very thoughtful and kind. The session thus instilled a compassionate note to the celebration in alignment with the Christmas spirit.


The celebration ended on a groovy note where students enchanted the audience with a beautiful dance performance. It was indeed a beautiful virtual celebration where students, teachers and coordinators of EIS came together to make the most memorable Christmas of all times.