Little Ones Dawning Graduation Hats

Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.”
~Minor Myers

Graduation is an exciting time as we celebrate a significant milestone in students’ lives. It was a matter of extreme pride and contentment for the mentors as the pre-primary students of K-II concluded their Global Montessori Plus Program successfully. On the 8th March, GMP celebrated graduation day ceremony commemorating the two years of precious moments that the tiny tots had spent together.

At the graduation ceremony, the students were congratulated as they are ready to move on to grade 1 with more independence and added skills. The students from every class took to the stage wearing their graduating hats, and each student was presented with a Graduation Certificate. They presented a joyful thank you song acknowledging the dedicated efforts of the teachers and parents in shaping their lives in meaningful ways. The students also shared heartfelt thoughts on graduation ceremony as they are about to enter a new phase of new adventures and experiences.

One of the parents came forward and addressed the gathering where he firstly congratulated the parents and mentors for making sincere and successful efforts in bringing the best out of the young students. He emphasized on the importance of spending quality time with children as being present for them is fundamental to children’s positive upbringing.

All the students were given a title fitting and appropriate to their nature and were also presented with a kit to carry back home. The graduation ceremony is meant to instil a sense of accomplishment and pride in these young hearts. More than a closure, the graduation day marked the eventful beginning of a new journey that awaits the tiny tots.