It was that time of the year again at Elpro First Steps- to be energized, be athletic and to have oodles of fun. Elpro First Steps held a three-day long Annual Sports Event where kids actively took part in the games and races.

The torch relay and releasing of colourful balloons into the air marked the joyous beginning of the Annual Sports Event. Our little sportspersons were adorably dressed as per the theme of ‘Animal Kingdom’. They took to the field with enthusiasm and geared up for some exciting games. A wide array of activities was arranged for the tiny tots.  With competitions ranging from races to animal races, kids displayed sports drills and participated in yoga activity. The K-II students showcased Karate, dumbbell display and presented a beautiful synchronization of yoga asanas as well.

The spirit of friendly competition truly came alive during the Sports Day. It was with a feeling of joy and pride that the teachers and parents watched and enjoyed the event. The Annual Sports Event concluded with a graceful pompom act. Indeed, all the little ones were winners by the end of the day.

The races organized were aimed at boosting the gross motor skills of children. Engaging in athletic activity is of utmost importance for an overall development of the pre-schoolers. Such celebrations of Sports Day foster teamwork, discipline and a spirit of sportsmanship in children from an early age.