The carnival season was re upon us at GIIS, and we welcomed it with vibrant colors, endless entertainment and a galore of delicious food. Fiesta Fantasia is the annual carnival of GIIS, which is an extravagant event and it is revered by the students, teachers and parents alike. The Carnival was all about a joyful gathering- bringing in the parents and the school community together at one platform in celebratory spirits.

The Carnival set everyone in a frenzied state, with people abuzz around the stalls and gaming zones. Cheery faces and heartfelt laughter filled the space, thus marking the joyful occasion. Colorful balloons were also released into the air keeping in tune with the carnival mood.

The quirky stalls, colorful wares, fun games and an assemblage of mouthwatering food were the major entertaining attractions in their own right. Children were thrilled with the many gaming options like Car Race, Snakes and Ladders, Basket the Ball, Drop a Dice, Fishy Ho, Nine Pins, Ring Ring Ringa, Number Games, and Stick it. On the other hand, the food lovers relished the delectable food items like sandwich, cupcakes, mojitos, chats and pani puris. There was a section for tattoo art as well, where hands and palms of interested individuals were beautifully adorned with elegant designs. Students were also seen making colorful decorations on earthen pots.

The event was peppered with music and dances, where students and the dance community of the school grooved to the beats, thus making merry moments. Over 30 stalls and 1000 footfalls marked the occasion making the carnival a huge hit again. A parent on the occasion said,

The dance, music and the variety of food enlivened the carnival experience. It was a well-managed and well-planned event, and we enjoyed a lot.