The festive mood of Dusshera has taken over our little youngsters! Elpro First Steps celebrated the festival of Dusshera with fervour and joy. The celebration of the festival marks the triumph of good over evil, thus signifying Lord Rama's victory over demon king Ravana.

Ramlila, the events of Lord Rama's life, is central to the celebration of Dusshera. Hence, a spectacular one-act Ramlila was staged by the preschool teachers and a few Kindergarten-II children. It helped the young ones perceive the significance of the festival. The scenes from the exile of Rama from Ayodhaya followed by his victory over Ravana in an epic battle were enacted in a lively way. Dressed in exuberant costumes- monkey-faced, the simplicity and gracefulness of Sita and the ten-headed Ravana came to life with their striking performance.

The children raised the slogans of  "Jai Shri Ram " and everyone around enjoyed the serene atmosphere. Dressed up in chaniyacholis and churidarkurtas, staff and children also celebrated Navratri. Dancing to the beats of music, to using their colourful dandiya sticks they all grooved to the garbaraas.

The tiny tots immersed themselves into the joy of celebrating Dusshera and enjoyed themselves. Along with the celebration, our young ones also learnt about the traditions of the festival.