Exhibiting STEM Learning

The digital and technological advancement that we are witnessing in the modern times makes it imperative that our kids are exposed to concepts related to STEM education early during their childhood. Science and technology are continuously expanding and pervade every aspect of our lives. Keeping this in view, GMP emphasizes the importance of preparing future generation of kids who think like engineers. On the 28th of February, GMP hosted an EFK exhibition where budding engineers of grade K-II were seen demonstrating concepts related to STEM education.

Engineering for Kids (EFK) integrate STEM related concepts to provide kids with opportunities to explore how these concepts are related to real life phenomenon. The exhibition was an intriguing spectacle with students displaying their knowledge of concepts related to electric motor boat, hydraulics, Heron’s fountain, solar farm, solar power, wind turbine, rain water harvesting, water filter, Ferris wheel, brain and the senses, air cooler, periscope, vacuum cleaner, balloon pump, dancing doll and toy car remote. Working models of the mentioned concepts were created by the help of teachers. Students perfectly illustrated the application of science through their projects which are extremely relevant to develop conceptual understanding of foundational ideas. It is also noteworthy that most of the technological models were built out of recyclable and reusable waste materials.

The budding engineers of GMP were thus exposed to STEM activities to provide them hands-on and mind-on lessons. It is likely to develop interest in them which would drive them to take up career in the fields of science and technology.

The EFK exhibition was an enrichment program for the GMP kids. The students from K-I also got an insight into all the major learnings that they will draw the following year. The parents who attended the events were impressed by the content by the exhibition. On the occasion, Priyanka, mother of Arnav from K-I (J), appreciated the initiative by the school saying, “It is a wonderful display of brilliant ideas by the kids and all the elements put up on display are experiments that are relevant in contemporary times”.