Elpro First Steps enjoys a special program put up by the Parents

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, the students and parents of EFS came together to put forward a beautiful virtual show to celebrate the day. Suhaavi and Archith, students from K-II, inaugurated the occasion by chanting the holy Guru Vandana, thus offering their reverence towards their teachers.

Harkitan Kaur Sachdeva, mother of Sauhaavi and Reetun Rana, mother of Adrima from K-II took the opportunity to host the virtual celebration that was live streamed on Facebook. The little ones of EFS had prepared surprise performances to express their thankfulness towards their teachers. Some of the performances were pre-recorded, while others were performed live in dedication of their teachers.

The show began with a classical dance performance called Aaigiri Nandini, which was beautifully exhibited by Aarohi. Maanika Nayar delivered a lovely speech on the significance of Teacher’s Day, where she noted that teacher’s day is observed to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. There was a lively solo dance on the peppy tune of “I Love My Teacher” presented by Agrima Rana. Adding melody to the celebration, Mahika and Suhaavi presented beautiful songs dedicated to their teachers. Hargun, another student of EFS demonstrated an expressive solo performance as a tribute to her teachers. There were also cute group performances which were beautifully presented by the lovely students of EFS.

Parents and students shared live testimonials to express their heartfelt gratitude towards the teachers. Parents showed their sincere appreciation for the teachers who put tireless efforts in keeping the kids successfully engaged even during these testing times. 

Teachers appreciated the gestures and the lovely messages that were dedicated to them. It was indeed a unique celebration of Teacher’s Day, which will be fondly remembered by the EFS community in days to come.