Creating a peaceful world outside begins with actionable tasks and small acts of kindness. Elpro International School strongly believes in harnessing the younger generation with a belief that Peace is attainable and therefore joins hands with Kids for Peace, a global program that believes in empowering youth to be peacemakers. Even the United Nations has dedicated a special day to highlight the importance of Peace amongst Nations and therefore Peace Day is celebrated worldwide on September 21. The students of EIS geared up for activities to celebrate Peace week focusing on the theme ‘shaping peace together’.

Students of grades 1 and 2 learnt to write ‘peace’ in five different languages and recited the peace pledge during the virtual class. Following Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech, students penned down their dream and shared the same with their friends and teacher. Students of grades 3 and 4 emphasized on recycling and created a peace logo out of recycled material. They also noted down ten things that they are grateful for in life. Students of grades 5 and 6 had a peace-poster making competition, and they also got a little crafty as they made beautiful decorative origami doves to honour the occasion. Students from grades 7 and 8 took part in peace slogan writing competition and also wrote the peace pledge in calligraphic writing. They further engaged in watching some of the famous Nobel Peace Prize laureates’ speeches and took inspiration from the same. Lastly, the students from grades 9 to 12 launched a social media awareness campaign on ‘shaping peace together’. Meditating daily, treating everyone with respect, supporting the underprivileged, practicing sustainability by following the three R’s of reduce, reuse and recycle, embracing change, differences and new ideas, etc. are some of the simplest ways of incorporating a peaceful healthy living.

The Peace Week at EIS was all about students sharing different ways through which peace can be incorporated in everyday life. In observing the peace week, students shared an important message that everyone can celebrate peace in their smallest ways all year-round.