The CBSE teaching training workshop is an initiative to adapt teachers with best of skills to foster a positive learning environment in the classrooms. On the 16th of February, a capacity building teacher training workshop was hosted at GIIS, Chinchwad which was conducted by Kavita Reddy, a clinical psychologist and Mrs. Vrinda Joshi, an educator. It was conducted on the highly contested and intense topic of ‘Inclusive Education’, which was attended by teachers from different schools across Pune.

The workshop started with the basic understanding of inclusive education where a self-reflection exercise was undertaken by the teachers to comprehend the meaning of the term. Kavita Reddy then went on to shed further light of the topic explaining that “Inclusive education, in the broader terms, essentially means, providing education to all  children with or without disabilities in the same general classroom. It looks at the strategic exploration towards elicitation of varied potential in all children who are diverse learners.”

A lot of discussions, demonstrations and tasks were part of the workshop through which insights were shared related to inclusive education. Issues were raised by the teachers regarding the many challenges that they face in the classroom setting with students and parents. Teachers were briefed on how to approach problems related to students with disabilities and how to identify problems and intervene in a constructive way. A questionnaire was presented to the teachers to understand their knowledge of children disability and their approach towards them.

The teachers were informed on the many new approaches that can be practiced in the classroom setting as opposed to the traditional ways of teaching. Inclusive approaches to education insist on education for all, has a flexible curriculum, emphasize on individualized teaching, promotes learning in natural environment, focuses on child-oriented learning and exercises equal opportunities for all.

GIIS understands the importance of upgrading the skillsets of teachers as they manage and contribute to the development of the future generation. Through the workshop, the teachers were empowered with global pedagogical skills in tune with the guidelines of CBSE so that teachers understand, learn and rightfully implement inclusive education in their classrooms.