Bidding Farewell and Good Luck

It is an age-old tradition that schools witness every year when the juniors give farewell to their beloved seniors. Farewell is the time when the outgoing students reminisce their glorious years of the past that they spent in the school premises and cherish their last few moments together. As the seniors walked down the red carpet to enter their farewell party, the juniors welcomed them heartily with cheers and applauds.

The farewell party was a fiesta festooned with balloons, candles and rangoli. The juniors delivered a great party for their seniors where the outgoing students enjoyed a get-together of dance, music and fun. The juniors created an ambience of enjoyment, regale and entertainment for their seniors so that they can treasure their last memories of school. Tremendous energy, zeal and enthusiasm marked the event as the juniors performed to entertain their seniors. The efforts put by the juniors were commendable as they poured their heart into making the farewell party a success.

Each senior was senior presented with a memento that will always remind them of their eventful journey of GIIS. Director-Principal, Amrita Vohra also awarded the deserving students with the title of Mr. GIIS and Miss GIIS respectively. On the occasion of the farewell, she addressed the seniors wishing them the very best and added, “The board exam is an important milestone in your academic journey, which I am certain that you will pass with flying colors. I hope you will continue to uphold the prestige of the institution and scale new heights of success in every walk of life. My best wishes remain with you all.”