Elpro First Steps (EFS) strongly believes in laying out the foundational ground for future success. Play is an intrinsic part of childhood; and EFS is helping kids go that extra mile with Football League.

From 26th- 30th October, in association with Aspire India, EFS presented Elpro Football League for students of K-I and K-II to ‘Run, Kick, Play’. Students’ participation came pouring in with approximately 77 participants in total. Dressed up in colourful jerseys, students were enthusiastic about the game. They gave their best with every shot. The goalkeepers, the cheerleaders and the team players were all excitedly rooting for their team.

Students were seen maneuvering the ball in the playground. They enjoyed passing, defending and kicking the football. They also demonstrated good sportsmanship spirit, cooperation, teamwork and maintained discipline of the game. The parents, teachers and the coaches were extremely proud of the little players.

The true essence of Football League revolved around children enjoying the game. Students were provided certificates of participation and medals based on goalkeeping, top scores and best player. From K-I, Yellow Team defeated Blue Team; and from K-II, Blue Team emerged as victorious beating Red Team at the Finals. 

Aarti Kanwal, Principal of EFS said, “It was a wholesome affair to watch the kids unleash their potential on the playground. The focus has never been on winning. “In hosting Football League,” she added, “along with good health, EFS encourages sportsmanship from early years so that kids develop mental resilience and learn the importance of bonding through fun and play.”